Sunday, May 17, 2009

Sunday, May 17

Hello to all! Chance and the boys are headed back home this evening. It was so nice to spend the weekend together. It's hard to believe that this school year is almost over.
Clay had a busy day. The dressing covering the back of his head has come down, and the grafts have adhered nicely. They also took some x-rays of his left hand and the doctors will make a decision this week about the surgery. When we arrived for our 11:00am visit, after our Sunday morning fellowship meeting, Clay was in his wagon. Carson, Cody, and Grandma were outside the ICU doors. His brothers put on their gowns, masks, and caps and were able to visit him outside his room. We pulled his wagon to the end of the hall and his brothers sat beside him for a little while. It was touching to have the boys together again and share this precious time with each other (many feelings in our hearts). Clay was able to say their names when we placed our finger over his trach.
Clay's nurse took him (in his wagon) to the break room and let him pick a drink out of the fridge. She said that his face lit up when he spied some chocolate milk. She let him hold it and sip it while cruising around in his wagon. He was anxious to show us what he was drinking when we arrived. A gentleman from Corinth, TX builds custom-made toy barns. He made one for Clay a few weeks ago and we were not able to put it in his ICU room. We have it at home and Clay's brothers have enjoyed playing with it. Clay will enjoy it too, as soon as he makes it home. A barn was also made for Kermit. We pick it up today and took it to Kermit's nurse. She set it up on a table by Kermit's bed while he was asleep. When he woke up he yelled "Nurse, Nurse look at this!" We thought this was a pretty cute incident to tell about. Kermit's ICU room was empty this evening because he was able to move out of the ICU today. Clay is going to miss his little buddy, but will get to see him again when he is moved from ICU. Hopefully Clay will get to move soon.
Some friends brought Clay a battery-controlled jeep to drive around, when he's feeling good. He was allowed to circle the ICU a few times in it and wanted to park it in his room. This is against regulations, so Chance & I carted this thing all the way back to the parking garage. We were really getting some curious looks from bystanders. We had several visitors today, and it was good to see all. Clay did not sleep much today; so, maybe he will sleep soundly tonight. He is coughing up some thick secretions; but, he only had one episode of emesis (vomiting) today. He's getting better each day. Hope you all have a good night & thanks again.


  1. Really Clays dad wanted to take the Jeep for a spin???!! Chocolate milk will make anybody feel
    better,glad Clay was able to have some.
    Hope for rest for tommorrow.
    Love and Hugs,

  2. Whew, I am tired just reading about your/his So glad all3 C,s were together. I know that did a world of good for all of you! Still prayin' all the time! love, missy

  3. It's Aunt Jenae!! Just wanted to say hello and "I love you!". I am so lonely for home :( I know Clay feels the same. I know it seems like it has been forever, but you will all be home -together - soon! I can't wait to see y'all :) Kisses to the boys from us in the way down SOUTH!!

  4. It is good that Clay can drink liquids again. I'm not surprised either that chocolate milk was the choice!!!
    Good to hear that you are doing good Clay.
    Greetings from Winnipeg MB

  5. Wonderful news about the grafts adhering! I am very glad about that. God is a very fine Healer and He does it right! Hope you all get rest tonight and I pray that tomorrow is just a continuation of the daily progress that seems to be the pattern. I love you and think of you often during the day no matter where I am. God bless you all. Carolyn

  6. We love to read about the time the boys get to all be together. What special moments those have to be! Good news for Kermit! But we know Clay will be there soon! The grafts have been successful for the most part and it's just a matter of time. We think of you all and pray only for good news about his little hand! Love, Dawn & Pam

  7. Dee Dee, tell Chance to stay out of Clay's jeep because he is too big and he will break it, however you are a little bitty thing so you get to drive it all that you want to. Chance, you get to direct traffic for Dee Dee. Also good to hear the great news. God Bless

  8. I came in late from work last night and did not get on to check "My Clay Report". So instead I am having my daily "Clay cry" this morning instead of last evening...each step of victory we cheer with you and each step of defeat we cry with you...stay strong...your story will some day touch many many lives...God Bless!

    Just one of many people who read the blog who never met you...but love you and pray for you!

    Ron Fisher

  9. I think Ron said it perfectly. There are so many of us out here that have never met you but think of you all often throughout the day. We are touched by how strong and loving you are. A day is not complete unless we know how Clay is doing. You are in our hearts and minds and we are sending our support to all of you. Much love.

  10. My nephew lives in the Fort Worth area and forwarded this blog to my husband and I.
    Our prayers are with you and if you have any questions we are very willing to answer them to the best of our knowledge. Roger was burned two years ago on 70% of his body. He too was burned mainly from the waist up and his were mainly 3rd and 4th degree. At the time I quickly read anything I could get my hands on about burns because I knew nothing about them or what was to happen next after the injury. The doctor could not give me much hope, God always did.It was a tough journey for both of us. I wanted to let you know that Roger is now doing very well and no longer wears pressure garments and is about 90% back to where he was before he was burned as is our day to day life. It felt like my life, our life, was turned upside down and I would sometimes selfishly long for normalcy again. It will get there for you guys too. It must seem far away but it will come. Your little man will come home and he will thrive under your care. Your faith is so good for all of you. I know mine carried me. God is blessing you and isn't it amazing how good people are? It was a terrible accident for my husband but the beauty that came from it in the form of prayers and generosity was God's doing. He will always bring something good out of bad. We are praying for all of you and I am really glad that you have this blog.
    Roger and Maggie Raley

  11. Great updates. Happy for all. Know you will soon "catch back up" with Kermit.

    The Snyder's