Friday, May 8, 2009

Friday, May 8; Surgery XII

Good evening to everyone! I (DeeDee) am going to post the blog before our last visit this evening while I can use the RMH computer. For some reason, I was not able to connect to the Internet on my computer last night, and it was too late to use this RMH computer. It was a pretty quiet day in BICU today because Clay & Kermit had surgeries. When I arrived at 6:00am, Clay's nurse told me that they had already called from O.R. to prep Clay for surgery. Clay ended up being the first case to go to O.R. instead of second case. He was taken to O.R. at 7:15am. Chance arrived shortly after and was able to see Clay when he came back from O.R. Clay did not have to be placed on the respirator after surgery, and was awake when we entered his room. We had some friends visit, before lunch, and Clay was able to look at the books they brought & interact some. He has a thick dressing covering the back of his head, so he did not move much today. We know how important rest is when we are recovering. His occupational and physical therapists did not come today because of the surgery. During one visit, my mom and I were hot so we were looking for Clay's little fan. We were busy looking for it all around the room. We sat down beside Clay's bed with no luck in finding the fan. Clay pulled his little hand out from under his covers with the fan in his hand and a smile on his face. :-)
He is still sick at his stomach. He vomited 4 times throughout the night and several times today. The doctors have changed some of his medicines to see if this helps. We are on our way back to the hospital to give him a goodnight kiss. We hope you all know how much you are appreciated!


  1. Good evening to you all, we are glad another surgery is over, and we hope the graft takes hold. Know you were glad to see that little smile. B&E

  2. Glad the surgery went well and that Clay had spunk enough to tease a bit and give you a smile. How precious! He is a very special boy, and we hope for his continued good progress in his recovery. Keep cheer! Your friends in NH, Kent & Sharon Chappell

  3. Hi!
    We were in your neck of the woods last weekend & spent the nite with Louis & to know your family a little better! Clay must be an awesome young man...actually I understand all 3 boys are! Sure hope we get to meet you sometime. He sounds like he's getting his sense of humor back! He must like to tease! My kind of boy :) Our thoughts & prayers go with you!
    Lanita & Emma

  4. So glad to hear the surgery went well. I am praying that everything will adhere well! Isn't is strange that with everything he is going through we find ourselves praying for no more vomiting of all things? I know that has got to be so hard on him with everything else he has to deal with. I am still asking that God resolve this problem and that the Drs. and nurses are given wisdom to know how to stop this problem. I hope that changing some of his meds will help. I have to say that the fan story made me laugh! Sounds like Clay may have his sense of humor coming back, what do you think? I am thanking God for that! Love to the family! Missy,Greg,Jerod,Alex and Annie(We all prayed together today for his surgery and they never forget to include Cody and Carson in the prayer!)

  5. Hugs and love for Clay. We are praying for him in Rhome (Seven Hills Elementary) -- Mary Morris is our daughter's teacher and sent us to Clay's blog ... many prayers his way!! ~Zane, Traci, & Natalie Grace

  6. Sounds like he really got you pretty good with the fan thing. I'm glad that he feels like being five again. I bet you remember that fan for the rest of your life. How funny. Now that he is feeling a little better, I wonder what he will think of to do tomorrow. God Bless.

  7. Good evening: Praying for Clay to have healing powers bestowed to his grafts, scars and skin AND a calm stomach all throughout the night and for days to come. Praying for God to continue to give you and Chance peace and strength along with courage. Praying for Carson and Cody to be surrounded with the knowledge of the love that is being sent their way by family, friend, and brothers and sisters in Christ.

    Philippians 1:7
    "We have shared together the blessings of God."
    Good Night,
    The Snyder's

  8. Clay it's been a while since we've posted but we think and pray for you everyday. I (Ms. Kristine) went to New York last weekend and stopped by St. Patricks Cathredal and lit a few candels in your honor. The church was so beautiful! I walked through it I prayed for you and your wonderful family. We love you very much and so glad to hear good news! Sounds like you're personality is shinning thru!!
    The Darrow's

  9. Oh, my! Clay has made my day again. It is so hilarious that he had the fan hidden the whole time you were looking for it!!!

    We are enjoying Buttonwillow I convention! We heard today that the journey is our best teacher and we want to face the journey with the guidance of our Redeemer. Our Redeemer is with us every minute and will never leave us. I thought of you and your family and what a comfort that is!

    Love and lots of hugs!

  10. It sounds like Clay still being a little stinker. While he is in bed. Glad that things are still coiming around for Clay.

    Love and Prayers
    Riggins family