Monday, May 11, 2009

Monday, May 11

Hello to all. We hope you all had a good day! The homografts on the back of Clay's head have adhered well. We were told today that Clay will go back to the O.R. on Wednesday morning. They will take off the homografts and place autografts (his own skin) in their place. He will have a longer period of healing after this surgery. He will have donor sites that will need to heal as well as the back of his head. If these grafts adhere, this will be the last of his surgeries for awhile. We were told that he will need to have more surgeries on his left hand. The doctors will discuss this at a later date.
Clay's Occupational therapist made another new cast for his right hand today. A new cast is made each week. He is not able to make a fist with his fingers; therefore, the casts help to bend his fingers down. When we arrived for the 11:00am visit, Clay and his nurse were hiding behind the nurse's station. He was in his wagon (propped up with many pillows). They came around the corner and scared me - Clay thought this was so fun! Then, Bonnie (his nurse) pushed his wagon while he steered. They circled the ICU about three times. Bonnie asked Clay if he wanted to go fast and he nodded his head. We were allowed to circle the ICU with them and helped him steer. He waved to Kermit as he passed his room. His Occupational therapist set up a new game in his room and he was so excited.
At our 2:00pm visit, Clay walked around the ICU at a fast pace. His Physical therapist told him that she could hardly keep up. He was placed back in his wagon, and his nurse took him to the playroom. He was playing a board game with her and got tired in the middle of the game. He then wanted to go back to his room. All this play time makes a little guy tired! During our 5:00pm visit, Bonnie and Arnie were busy making both Clay and Kermit a guitar. They made the guitars using boxes, elastic, and tape. Bonnie had a busy day with Clay and will sleep well tonight. :-) Clay was asleep during our last visit, and we hope he sleeps well too. We hope you all get a good night's sleep as well. Thanks so much!


  1. So glad that the grafts have taken well and he is one step further in his recovery! Sounds like his little mischievous personality is shining through, and that must be a joy to see! Hope all goes well in the surgery Wednesday. Hang in there! With care from your NH friends,
    Kent & Sharon Chappell

  2. Ever AWESOME NEWS Little Clay!!! Keep up the GOOD WORK!! We took 3 of our little Grandkids to the WaterPark in Duluth this weekend and then to Special mtg Sunday--What a GREAT TIME!!! LOL
    Marvin and Bonnie

  3. Such great news that the grafts are taking well and it sounds like he is on the fast track for recovery. There isn't a moment that goes by we don't think about you guys. Kirstyn missed Mrs. DeeDee something fierce. But she understands that Clay needs his momma. I bet it was a wonderful site to see Clay up and around being hisself. We pray for more moments like these. May God bless his surgery Wednesday with smooth recovery. Continually praying...
    Chris, Stephanie, Kirstyn, and Emma Kirby

  4. We are glad to hear that the last surgery was successful. We know that is bound to make ya'll feel better too. Will be thinking about you on Wednesday, as we always do. People at work continue to ask about Clay. He has touched a lot of lives.

  5. It is so encouraging to hear of Clay's progress and mischief throughout the day! We continue to follow the blog and pray for God to heal Clay. Your story touches our lives, your faith in the Lord is amazing!

    A bedtime prayer for Clay ..

    Jesus, tender shepherd, hear me, Bless your little lambs tonight.
    Through the darkness be Thou near me, keep me safe 'til morning light.

    May my sins be all forgiven, Bless the ones I love so well.
    Take us all at last to heaven, safely there with thee to dwell.

    God Speed to Clay!

  6. Wow! I LOVE to hear about Clay's "mischief" as it is referred to. I think that is a perfect description of his wonderful personality and how he loves to tease!! The news is so good it almost
    makes me cry. It makes me sooooo happy!!
    Lots of love and hugs, hugs, hugs!!

  7. As a parent you know when you children are not feeling well just by the lack of the usual "irritations" - but how wonderful when they start to heal and their personalities come peeking through!
    I wonder if that's how God feels about His children. When we pull away we get grouchy, offended and downright miserable. But when we draw near, we get peace, comfort and His glory that shines through. Chance, DeeDee, Carson, Cody & Clay - you've been an example of what drawing near to God brings.
    Still prayin’!

  8. Great News!!! What a milestone is marked once all burns are covered. Moving on up! Keeping you in Prayers for rest, peace, strength and healing!
    Hope for another good day today.

    Gary and Jeanne'

  9. We are excited, too! A little boy is blossoming again, and what joy it HAS to bring to you, his family....because we feel it miles away, and we don't even know you!! Our thoughts will be there again today....

  10. What a wonderful Mother's Day gift. The gift of life is so precious and I know that God is suppling you with an extra special Grace is flowing thru you and is touching many lives. We are in continual prayer and we know He still hears and answers our cries... Love the Kee Family