Monday, May 18, 2009

Monday, May 18

Greetings ~ we hope you all had a good day. I talked to Carson and Cody earlier and they had a good day at school. Cody's class took a field trip and he was telling me all about it. Carson told me about all of his end-of-school activities planned. School will be out before long. Clay had a busy day, too, in ICU. His night nurse (Jason) said that he had an "awesome" night. He had 4-5 bouts of emesis (vomiting); other than that, it was a good night. He played with his soft spike (Koosh) ball, laughed, and got a little sleep. His nurse told us that it was good to see Clay's 5-yr. old spirit showing. When we arrived for the next visit (8:00am) Clay's day nurse had him in his wagon. We pulled him to the window and counted airplanes with him. He was coughing up a lot of secretions, at this time, and wanted to return to his room. He likes to be close to his suction tube when he feels sick at his stomach.
He had quite a bit of pain medication today. He has scar tissue behind his left knee which causes him to want to draw his knee up. His P.T. placed a green cast on his left leg. His O.T. placed another cast on his right hand. His nurse taped a suction tube to his cast so that he could suction his saliva when he wanted to. He cried and reached for me when we had to leave at the end of our visits. I cried too and his nurse told me that this is part of the healing process for him. At our last visit of the day, I held a cool washcloth on his forehead until he closed his eyes. Then I slipped out quietly. He did not sleep much today, so I hope he will tonight. Good night and special thanks to all!


  1. Good evening Fite Family:

    It won't be long at all until school is out for the summer and should be "easier" to have the family stay closer. I bet Clay will be advancing soon too. Sounds like the staff continues to stay on top of his needs extremely well. Have a peaceful rest tonight. Praying for you.

    Jeanne' and Gary Snyder

  2. It's so good to hear about Clay's progress. Do the doctors say the vomiting is just part of the healing process for a burn victim? My heart goes out to him for having to suffer that awful experience over and over and over. It's just so grand to think of the obstacles he's overcome already, though, and how much progress he is making!! We think of you so often here in Nebraska and continue to appreciate your daily postings!

  3. Soon, I am praying that soon, you won't have to say anymore good~byes! Forgot to thank you for your prayers for silly old me! You are too sweet!I am still typing one handed, but i am doing much better! Glad to hear that Cody and Carson are enjoying the end of school and hopefully you can all have some more family time soon too!Love you all! missy

  4. Signs of normalcy! Clay doesn't like to be separated from his Momma and family. We pray the day is coming soon when he can be with his family all the time. That time will never be taken for granted. One day much of what the nurses do for him, he'll do for himself - another sign that he's getting ready to go home! We do pray for this. Love you all, Dawn & Pam

  5. Your strength amazes me and reminds me of how great God is.
    Love you oodles,
    Brooke and family

  6. Hello, we've never met you as we're from Ontario, Canada. We followed the link from Alicia Weaver's facebook page. Our children are 10, 8 and 4. Just wanted to let you know that we are thinking and praying for your little man. Hope he continues to improve. (((hugs))) to all of you from all of us. Charles, Teena, Tyler, Chelsie and Owen Daize

  7. You are all in our thoughts and prayers each day!! We love you! Hang in there!
    Kelly, Reno, Alyssa and Morgan