Saturday, May 9, 2009

Saturday May 9th

Hey everyone this is Dana, DeeDee's sister, typing from Omaha. The Internet is down @ the Ronald McDonald House, so Chance & DeeDee are not able to get online.
Clay didn't have a very restful day. Chance went to the first visit this morning & Clay had been vomiting through the night & again when Chance got there. They did the dressing change a little earlier than usual to get Clay cleaned up. The nurse sat him in his chair today but he didn't feel good & wanted back in bed. They changed his feeding tube to a more concentrated formula to help control his sodium level.
Clay & Kermit received a nice surprise today from a generous group of people in Graham - they each got their own Nintendo DS!! This was a bit confusing for Mom and Dad to setup so they made a special trip back to the Ronald McDonald House. There, they had to rely on their 10 yr old Mr. Carson Fite to get the sophisticated game setup;) Clay says thanks Carson. Clay and Kermit didn't feel like getting out of bed but were both very happy to play their games - it was good therapy for Clay's hand. He wanted his feet tickled during the last visit & was sad when his parents had to leave.
Chance & DeeDee want to send their thanks to all!! Hopefully Clay has a restful night tonight.


  1. Yay for the DS and praying for no more vomit!! I do hope DeeDee has a Happy Mother's Day! Happy would be vomit~free, huh? So, that is what I am praying for! Love to you all! Missy

  2. Wishing you a Happy Mother's Day! I hope your family has a restful and joyous day together. Blessings to all of you! The McClurgs

  3. So glad to read of the love shown. Hoping the votiming subsides and a restful night is given to all. Happy Mother's Day.

    The Snyder's

  4. From Dubai, just heard about precious little Clay from a friend in Houston, read your blog, a shed many tears. I have two boys, 9, 7, and a girl who is 4, I will share the story with them as well. I cannot even bear to imagine your experience, and I will pray, pray and pray some more that God will heal Clay and give him a very blessed, joyful life. I will share his story with our friends after meeting today. Happy Mothers Day, DeeDee. May God give you a special measure of joy. Glenda Kadir

  5. I liked the scripture Jeanne shared last night,
    Philippians 1:7 "We have shared the blessings of God". You know it would be so nice, when Clay comes home, if we could all have a big party and get to put faces with all the names, You see, God has brought us all together through Clay and yes, we have shared in all this...the heartache and the shock of the accident with the boys, through the blog that Jenae set up for us, and the praying together in one accord for many things, and we have shared in the praise reports and....yes Missy, we have all prayed for Clay's food to stay down....I agree with you, of all the things we pray for, that one is pretty important, even though it is a common, household ailment, how strange that with all Clay's major afflictions, that one wiggles its way to the front, and into his daily routine to cause added discomfort. I am so very sorry little Clay and Carson and Cody had to experience this tragedy as well as Chance and Dee Dee, but I am thankful that God has used it to bring us into a relationship with each strangers some of us..through prayer and faith and belief in Him and His mighty power and healing. To witness the salvation of God and to share in the blessings of God as He daily does things to strengthen us all, not just precious little Clay...but His blessings have truly been shared by all of us. I want to wish you, DeeDee, Joy, Dana, Jenae, grandmother Fite and all you mothers out there in Blogland a very Happy Mother's Day. You all have become such a treasure to me. May God richly bless each of you and especially you, beautiful little Clay. Keep up with your precious, God given humor. It lifts the spirits of all of us. You are awesome.
    Love to you, Carolyn

  6. Happy Mothers, Day....we are thinking of your little family today, and appreciate the true picture of what being a mother (and a dad) really consists of. May you know some rest and joy today; we are hoping that Clay will feel better...with care...