Saturday, May 30, 2009

Friday, May 29

We apologize for not posting on the blog last night. I stayed at the hospital with Chance and Clay and it was late when I arrived at the Ronald McDonald House. Clay had a really good day yesterday. He is eating and drinking much more. He is excited when his tray arrives to see what he wants to eat first. He is keeping all of his food down and is becoming more active each day. His trach tube will come out this next week if he passes the "cap" test. He has a special valve over his trach tube right now and is doing fine with it. He is talking constantly, which is good therapy for his mouth (and good therapy for us to hear his voice). We were told that he could possibly go home next week (if he doesn't have any breathing problems when the trach tube comes out). If Clay is discharged from the hospital next week, he will still go in everyday for outpatient therapy. The Care Coordinator will visit with me about all the specifics. We will post more later. Thanks to all!


  1. Oh, wow! Was I happy to see this blog! As I said earlier, you have us sooooo spoiled!! Clay might be going home?? That is sooooo awesome!!!
    I am sure Carson and Cody will be excited about that!!! -- as well as you and Chance and grandma Joy and everyone else all over the place who have been keeping in touch!! Well, I guess I have used my quota of exclamation marks so will look forward to the next blog when you feel up to writing.

    Love, hugs, prayers!

  2. THANKS SO VERY MUCH for the update. We were

  3. Maybe Clay can take his rehab up here so that you can just have a great summer at home. You might even get North Texas Rehab out of Wichita Falls to come out to your house. I hope you all have a Great summer filled with icecream, mud, fishing and all the stuff little boys are made of. God Bless

  4. Oh good golly I'm gettin' excited! I am just gonna pray my big ole bottom off that he passes all of his test with flying colors! Love you! Missy

  5. It's sounds so WONDERFUL to hear that Clay is doing soooo well! It's been a long haul, and it's still not completed, but the family will benefit so much by him being able to be home.

    Just wanted to add a note to Joy. From one Grandma to another, I really am glad they have your support.

    Have a great weekend.

  6. That is great news! Summer at home with his brothers - no better therapy than that. (For Mom and Dad too!) I am praying for the tests and am so glad that you keep us all up to date!

  7. oh my gosh!!! Home sweet home!!! I know you all are beyond happy at the thought of having clay home and the family back together under one roof!
    Such great news, and even though we have never met your family, we worry and care about you all like you were family!! As always, thanks for keeping us posted especially when you're exhausted Dee Dee!
    love, the Southerland's in Austin

  8. Oh my, that is good news! Praise the Name of Jesus. I will pray for him to pass all his test, too!

  9. YAY!!!!!!!! The lack of a post had us worried...yes, you DO have us all spoiled!!! was SOOOO worth waiting for!!!! We are excited with you!

  10. I missed this blog! Just more great news and witnessing God's hand at work while we stand and watch!! He is so awesome and now all the good things are falling into place like dominoes! I can't tell you how happy I am about this....but I know I don't need to.
    Thank you for this wonderful blog message.
    Love to you 5,